Setting up

In the autumn of 2012 I resolved to set out as a self-published author. While the experience has been a lot of of fun, and never less than interesting, it has not been a small undertaking. To give you a flavour of what to expect should you fancy taking the plunge, here is a list of previous blog posts that detail the steps I have taken so far.

(All this and you have to write mighty fine stories!)

The story so far
A brief overview of my first steps, for example the accounts created in a number of social media and publishing platforms.

Setting up as a self-published author on Amazon
Part One – About Kindle Direct Publishing
Part Two – Joining Amazon KDP
Part Three – Publishing an eBook via Amazon KDP
Part Four – About Amazon’s Author Central

Publishing on Smashwords
A How-To…

Removing US Withholding Tax from royalties
Part One – US Withholding Tax – if you don’t need to pay it, don’t pay it!
Part Two – Applying for a US Tax Identification Number
Part Three – Completing W-8BEN forms for each publishing platform

The numbers game
Part One – Promotion
Part Two – Pricing

To ISBN or not to ISBN?


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