Times Jumbo Cryptic Crossword 1566

A relatively straightforward one this week. I don’t mind that! You can find my completed grid below along with explanations of my solutions where I have them. I hope you find them helpful. If a recent Jumbo has you all hot and bothered then you might find my Just For Fun page of use, where you’ll find links to solutions for hundreds of the things. Elsewhere there are the usual ancient book reviews and a story of mine.

Thanks for the kind words and input. It’s always interesting to hear the thoughts of other solvers once they’ve set down their pens. Till next time, stay cool out there kids.


Across clues

  1. Composer in European city missing northern Australia (7)

Answer: Hector BERLIOZ (i.e. “composer”). Solution is BERLIN (i.e. “European city”) with the N removed (indicated by “missing northern” – N being a recognised abbreviation of “northern”) and the remainder followed by OZ (i.e. slang for “Australia”), like so: BERLI-OZ. Ethan Coen’s Hector Berlioz: Private Investigator is a highlight of his short story collection, Garden of Eden. There a number of funny scenes where people keep mangling Berlioz’s surname. Worth a read if you can find a copy.

  1. Coach gutted to stop swimming lesson in lake (4,4)

Answer: LOCH NESS (i.e. “lake”). Solution is CH (i.e. “coach gutted”, i.e. the word “coach” with all its middle letters removed) placed in or “stopping” an anagram (indicated by “swimming”) of LESSON, like so: LO(CH)NESS.

  1. Old singles also lacking energy (1-5)

Answer: B-SIDES (i.e. “old singles” – ask your grandparents, kids). Solution is BESIDES (i.e. “also”) with the first E removed (indicated by “lacking energy” – E being a recognised abbreviation of “energy”).

  1. Leader converting criminal to show great affection (6,6,4)

Answer: TENDER LOVING CARE (i.e. “great affection”). Solution is an anagram (indicated by “criminal”) of LEADER CONVERTING.

  1. Sodium to handle a sickness (6)

Answer: NAUSEA (i.e. “sickness”). Solution is NA (chemical symbol of “sodium”) followed by USE (i.e. “handle”) and A.

  1. Say Arab has a personality disorder (8)

Answer: EGOMANIA (i.e. “personality disorder”). Solution is EG (i.e. “say”, i.e. for example, after the Latin exempli gratia) followed by OMANI (i.e. an “Arab”) and A.

  1. Spies with initially obtuse greeting (4)

Answer: CIAO (i.e. “greeting” used on meeting or parting). Solution is CIA (i.e. “spies”, specifically the Central Intelligence Agency) followed by O (i.e. “initially obtuse”, i.e. the first letter of “obtuse”). Nicely worked.

  1. Note above plate – fish caught by eccentric character (5,4)

Answer: PLACE CARD (i.e. “note above plate” on a dinner table). Solution is a homophone (indicated by “caught”) of PLAICE (i.e. “fish”) followed by CARD (i.e. “eccentric character”).

  1. Toothless Prime Minister introducing art gallery (8)

Answer: EDENTATE (i.e. “toothless”). Solution is Anthony EDEN (i.e. 1950s “Prime Minister”) followed by TATE (i.e. an “art gallery”).

  1. Campus race I organised – it’s a famous competition (8,3)

Answer: AMERICA’S CUP (i.e. “a famous competition” in sailing). “Organised” indicates anagram. Solution is an anagram of CAMPUS RACE I.

  1. Road feature’s traffic jam initially something very smooth (1-8)

Answer: T-JUNCTION (i.e. “road feature”). Solution is T and J (i.e. “traffic jam initially”, i.e. the first and last letters of “traffic” and “jam”) followed by UNCTION (i.e. ointment or “something very smooth”).

  1. Limit on filling beer for tax evader once (2,6)

Answer: AL CAPONE (i.e. “tax evader once”). Solution is CAP (i.e. “limit”) and ON placed in or “filling” ALE (i.e. “beer”), like so: AL(CAP-ON)E.

  1. Uninteresting place to live (4)

Answer: FLAT. Solution satisfies “uninteresting” and “place to live”.

  1. Where to store documents from a long investigation involving Tibet’s banks (7,4)

Answer: ATTACHÉ CASE (i.e. “where to store documents”). Solution is A, ACHE (i.e. to “long” for someone) and CASE (i.e. an “investigation”) all wrapped around or “involving” TT (i.e. “Tibet’s banks”, i.e. the first and last letters of “Tibet”), like so: A-(TT)-ACHE-CASE.

  1. State of solider – hand injured (5,6)

Answer: RHODE ISLAND (i.e. US “state”). “Injured” indicates anagram. Solution is an anagram of SOLDIER HAND.

  1. One on leave breaks extremely useful item in the tropics (8,3)

Answer: MOSQUITO NET (i.e. “useful item in the tropics”). Solution is ONE placed “on” or after QUIT (i.e. to “leave”) and both then placed in or “breaking” MOST (i.e. “extremely”), like so: MOS(QUIT-ONE)T.

  1. Perfect hosts make liquor (5,6)

Answer: PEACH BRANDY (i.e. “liquor”). Solution is PEACHY (i.e. “perfect”) wrapped around or “hosting” BRAND (i.e. “make”), like so: PEACH(BRAND)Y. Very neat.

  1. Invader loses article – that’s standard (4)

Answer: NORM (i.e. “standard”). Solution is NORMAN (i.e. “invader” of the 10-11th century) with the AN removed (indicated by “loses article”, an article being a word like a, an or the).

  1. Plot with cold fish goes bad in retrospect (5,3)

Answer: STORY ARC (i.e. “plot”). Solution is C (a recognised abbreviation of “cold” used on taps), RAY (i.e. “fish”) and ROTS (i.e. “goes bad”) all reversed (indicated by “in retrospect”), like so: STOR-YAR-C.

  1. Do signals, somehow producing a series of notes, played rapidly (9)

Answer: GLISSANDO (i.e. “a series of notes, played rapidly” across a keyboard or stringed instrument). “Somehow” indicates anagram. Solution is an anagram of DO SIGNALS.

  1. Jailbird struggles to accept time limits (11)

Answer: CONSTRAINTS (i.e. “limits”). Solution is CON (i.e. “jailbird”, both slang words for prisoners) followed by STRAINS (i.e. “struggles”) once wrapped around or “accepting” T (a recognised abbreviation of “time”), like so: CON-STRAIN(T)S.

  1. Regret backing competition that includes a German, say (8)

Answer: EUROPEAN (i.e. “a German, say” – other flavours of Europeans are available). Solution is RUE (i.e. “regret”) reversed (indicated by “backing”) and followed by OPEN (i.e. sporting “competition”) once wrapped around or “including” A, like so: EUR-OPE(A)N.

  1. Concerning smell made by trimming elderly plant (9)

Answer: OLFACTORY (i.e. “concerning smell”). Solution is OLD (i.e. “elderly”) with its last letter removed (indicated by “trimming”) and the remainder followed by FACTORY (i.e. industrial “plant”), like so: OL-FACTORY.

  1. Starter taken off mat that’s greasy (4)

Answer: OILY (i.e. “greasy”). Solution is DOILY (i.e. “mat”) with the first letter or “starter taken off”.

  1. A bit of restraint on a test, say, with a singsong? (8)

Answer: INTONATE (i.e. to “singsong” – over to Chambers: “to chant, read or utter in musical tones, singsong or monotone”). “A bit of” indicates the solution has been hidden in the clue, like so: RESTRA(INT ON A TE)ST. Took a white to spot.

  1. Old writer extremely lazy in public (6)

Answer: OPENLY (i.e. “in public”). Solution is O (a recognised abbreviation of “old”) followed by PEN (i.e. “writer”) and LY (i.e. “extremely lazy”, i.e. the first and last letters of “lazy”).

  1. Post-match meal? (7,9)

Answer: WEDDING BREAKFAST (i.e. a “meal”). Clue plays on WEDDINGS often being referred to as “matches” in cryptic clues; the solution being “a meal served after a wedding” (Chambers). You get the idea.

  1. A referee turns around holding party hat (6)

Answer: FEDORA (i.e. “hat”). Solution is A and REF (short for “referee”) all reversed (indicated by “turns around”) and placed around or “holding” DO (i.e. “party”), like so: FE(DO)R-A.

  1. Cashmere blend? No idea! (6,2)

Answer: SEARCH ME (i.e. “no idea”). “Blend” indicates anagram. Solution is an anagram of CASHMERE.

  1. Plant with a name featured in song (7)

Answer: DITTANY (i.e. “plant”). Solution is A and N (a recognised abbreviation of “name”) both placed or “featured in” DITTY (i.e. “song”), like so: DITT(A-N)Y. One nailed from the wordplay, if I’m honest.

Down clues

  1. Beat up the middleman? (6)

Answer: BATTER. Solution satisfies “beat up” and, playfully, “the middleman”, a reference to cricket and how the wicket upon which they bat is situated in the middle of the field.

  1. Chance to have managed government department being set up (6)

Answer: RANDOM (i.e. “chance”). Solution is RAN (i.e. “to have managed”) followed by MOD (i.e. “government department”, specifically the Ministry of Defence) once reversed (indicated by “being set up” – this being a down clue), like so: RAN-DOM.

  1. Animal I caught at both ends of a cold country (9)

Answer: ICELANDIC (i.e. “of a cold country”). Solution is ELAND (i.e. an “animal”) with I and C (a recognised abbreviation of “caught” used in a number of ball games) placed “at both ends”, like so: I-C-(ELAND)-I-C.

  1. Former African state captures one large creature for wealthy individual (11)

Answer: ZILLIONAIRE (i.e. “wealthy individual”). Solution is ZAIRE (i.e. “former African state”, now the Democratic Republic of the Congo) wrapped around or “capturing” I (i.e. “[Roman numeral] one”), L (a recognised abbreviation of “large”) and LION (i.e. “creature”), like so: Z(I-L-LION)AIRE.

  1. Charge defensive structure, we gather (4)

Answer: LEVY (i.e. “charge”). “We hear” indicates homophone. Solution is a homophone of LEVEE (i.e. “defensive structure”).

  1. In a legal position inside the box, being attentive (11)

Answer: CONSIDERATE (i.e. “attentive”). Solution is ONSIDE (i.e. “in a legal position” on a sports field) placed “inside” CRATE (i.e. “box”), like so: C(ONSIDE)RATE.

  1. Canoodle endlessly with one wooing a sorcerer (11)

Answer: NECROMANCER (i.e. “sorcerer”). Solution is NECK (i.e. to “canoodle”) with its last letter removed (indicated by “endlessly”) and the remainder followed by ROMANCER (i.e. “one wooing”), like so: NEC-ROMANCER.

  1. Refuse place in cheap spa rebuilt around river (9)

Answer: SCRAPHEAP (i.e. “refuse place”). Solution is an anagram (indicated by “rebuilt”) of CHEAP SPA wrapped “around” R (a recognised abbreviation of “river”), like so: SC(R)APHEAP.

  1. Key place for astronauts to hydrate? (5,3)

Answer: SPACE BAR. Solution satisfies “key” and, playfully, “place for astronauts to hydrate”. I’ll admit this did raise a chuckle when I twigged it.

  1. Dean centralising revolutionary method of education (8,8)

Answer: DISTANCE LEARNING (i.e. “method of education”, e.g. the Open University). “Revolutionary” indicates anagram. Solution is an anagram of DEAN CENTRALISING.

  1. Fail to meet comedian (5,2)

Answer: STAND UP (i.e. “fail to meet”). When hyphenated, the solution also satisfies “comedian”.

  1. Money boxes at centre of big game (8)

Answer: PATIENCE (i.e. card “game”). Solution is PENCE (i.e. “money”) wrapped around or “boxing” AT and I (i.e. “centre of big”, i.e. the middle letter of “big”), like so: P(AT-I)ENCE.

  1. Keep primary vehicle with no resistance (8)

Answer: MAINTAIN (i.e. “keep”). Solution is MAIN (i.e. “primary”) followed by TRAIN (i.e. “vehicle”) once the R has been removed (indicated by “with no resistance” – R being a recognised abbreviation of “resistance”), like so: MAIN-TAIN.

  1. Weak argument for demolishing a scarecrow? (5,3)

Answer: STRAW MAN. Solution satisfies “weak argument for demolishing” – Chambers offers: “a sham opponent or argument set up for the sake of disputation” – and “scarecrow”.

  1. Singer’s town on TV in need of a clean? (5,11)

Answer: DUSTY SPRINGFIELD (i.e. “singer”). Clue plays on SPRINGFIELD being the setting of The Simpsons (i.e. “town on TV”) and DUSTY being “in need of a clean”.

  1. Fashionable sort of women’s garment – golly! (5,3)

Answer: TEDDY BOY (i.e. “fashionable sort”). Solution is TEDDY (i.e. “women’s garment”) followed by BOY (i.e. “golly”, both exclamations).

  1. Leader upset religious fellow briefly (4)

Answer: TSAR (i.e. “leader”). Solution is RASTA (i.e. “religious fellow”, short for Rastafarian) with the last letter removed (indicated by “briefly”) and the remainder reversed (indicated by “upset” – this being a down clue).

  1. Sports team’s driver, perhaps (4)

Answer: CLUB. Solution satisfies “sports team” and “driver, perhaps” – other species of golf club are available.

  1. Park attendant with cry of annoyance outside glass house (8)

Answer: ORANGERY (i.e. “glass house”). Solution is RANGER (i.e. “park attendant”) placed in or having “outside” OY! (i.e. “cry of annoyance”), like so: O(RANGER)Y.

  1. Dog, say, to depart – barking (8)

Answer: TETRAPOD (i.e. “dog, say” – other four-legged creatures are available). “Barking” indicates anagram, as in being mad. Solution is an anagram of TO DEPART.

  1. Partner nods when moving communication device (11)

Answer: TRANSPONDER (i.e. “communication device”). “When moving” indicates anagram. Solution is an anagram of PARTNER NODS.

  1. Pre-prepared meal was bland according to Spooner (6,5)

Answer: PACKED LUNCH (i.e. “pre-prepared meal”). Solution is a “Spoonerism” of LACKED PUNCH (i.e. “was bland”).

  1. Track feature of hindbrain that’s active with physical education (7,4)

Answer: HAIRPIN BEND (i.e. “track feature”). Solution is an anagram (indicated by “that’s active”) of HINDBRAIN and PE (a recognised abbreviation of “physical education”).

  1. Watery drink picked up in Thames-side location (9)

Answer: RUNNYMEDE (i.e. “Thames-side location”). Solution is RUNNY (i.e. “watery”) followed by a homophone (indicated by “picked up”) of MEAD (i.e. “drink”), like so: RUNNY-MEDE.

  1. Where bulb may go, covering part of corn plant (3,6)

Answer: SEA ROCKET (i.e. “plant”). Solution is SOCKET (i.e. “where bulb may go”) wrapped around or “covering” EAR (i.e. “part of corn”), like so: S(EAR)OCKET. Another solved from the wordplay alone.

  1. Fussy sort of governess, ultimately with heart to accept learner (8)

Answer: STICKLER (i.e. “fussy sort”). Solution is S (i.e. “governess, ultimately”, i.e. the last letter of “governess”) followed by TICKER (slang for one’s “heart”) once wrapped around or “accepting” L (a recognised abbreviation of “learner” used on L-plates), like so: S-TICK(L)ER.

  1. Captain leaving for culinary competition (4-3)

Answer: COOK-OFF (i.e. “culinary competition”). Solution is “Captain” James COOK followed by OFF (i.e. “leaving”).

  1. Father to cough up a fruit (6)

Answer: PAPAYA (i.e. “fruit”). Solution is PA (i.e. “father”) followed by PAY (i.e. “to cough up”) and A.

  1. Guard posted on railway (6)

Answer: SENTRY (i.e. “guard”). Solution is SENT (i.e. “guard”) followed by RY (a recognised abbreviation of “railway”).

  1. Oscar regularly broke instrument (4)

Answer: OBOE (i.e. musical “instrument”). Solution is O (“Oscar” in the phonetic alphabet) followed by BOE (i.e. “regularly broke”, i.e. every other letter of BROKE).

3 thoughts on “Times Jumbo Cryptic Crossword 1566

  1. Agreed, not too taxing and nothing wrong with that. Just right for sitting in the shade on a sunny afternoon.
    I’m not sure about a teddy boy being fashionable sort, but I think we can forgive that one quibble.

    I liked the way Anthony Eden was connected with being toothless, and I thought Tetrapod was nicely done too. Also Orangery was one of those clues that took a while to tweak but raised a smile when the light dawned.

  2. A pleasant stroll through the Jumbo this weekend. Just a few thoughts:

    9a (B-Sides). Excellent clue – took ages to solve
    18a – I felt the indication of “place” for “plaice” a bit weak.
    39a (Story Arc) – solved, but I’d never heard of it.
    4d (zillionaire) – clever (and solvable) but, again, it is absent from my dictionaries, although I do have “zillion”
    23d (Dusty ,,,). I really liked this one as I spent ages thinking it was going to be Bruce Springsteen. Bogged down for ages.

    Thanks as ever Lucian for your answers. My own theory is that you are actually one of the setters and you craftily throw us off the scent periodically by pretending not to understand one of the answers. (just joking)

  3. Thanks, Lucian. Another relatively simple one this week and it would have been simpler if I hadn’t written ‘tender caring love’ in for 13a. Idiot! Nice to see old Spooner crop up in 36d in true crossword puzzle tradition. Cheers

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