Times Jumbo Cryptic Crossword 1460

This was probably the easiest Jumbo Cryptic since I started doing these posts. By the time I’d finished it I was surprised to find no scribbles or workings dotted around the grid. Not that I’m complaining, mind. It’s nice to have a good chunk of Saturday left!

You can find my completed grid below along with explanations of my solutions where I have them. I hope you find them useful. If a recent Jumbo cryptic has gotten the better of you, then you might be interested in my Just For Fun page, which has links to the last 100+ of these things. Meanwhile, there are also some book reviews and a story of mine.

Till next time, keep well, mask up, and keep flying the flag for NHS and key workers everywhere. Let’s hope another lockdown doesn’t come to pass.


Across clues

1. Note on flying mammals incorporating first of innovative material (7)

Answer: BATISTE (i.e. “material”). Solution is TE (i.e. “note”, in the do-ray-me style) placed “on” or after BATS (i.e. “flying mammals”) once it has been wrapped around or “incorporating” I (i.e. “first of innovative”, i.e. the first letter of “innovative”), like so: BAT(I)S-TE.

5. Married man goes round introducing current yearbook (7)

Answer: ALMANAC (i.e. “yearbook”). Solution is M (a recognised abbreviation of “married”) with ALAN (i.e. “man”) placed “round” it, and then followed by AC (i.e. “[alternating] current”), like so: AL(M)AN-AC.

9. One who butts in, talking of rosaceous tree (7)

Answer: MEDDLER (i.e. “one who butts in”). “Talking of” indicates homophone. Solution is a homophone of MEDLAR (i.e. “rosaceous tree”).

13. Appallingly great van tax: it’s extortionate! (11)

Answer: EXTRAVAGANT (i.e. “extortionate”). “Appallingly” indicates anagram. Solution is an anagram of GREAT VAN TAX.

14. Eminent university entertained by bad American music groups (11)

Answer: ILLUSTRIOUS (i.e. “eminent”). Solution is U (a recognised abbreviation of “university”) placed in or “entertained by” ILL (i.e. “bad”), US (i.e. “American”) and TRIOS (i.e. “groups”), like so: ILL-US-TRIO(U)S.

15. Admitted being possessed (5)

Answer: OWNED. Solution satisfies “admitted [being]” and “possessed”.

16. South Carolina celebrity digesting Berlioz’s last piece (7)

Answer: SCHERZO (i.e. a lively “[musical] piece”). Solution is SC (state abbreviation of “South Carolina”) followed by HERO (i.e. “celebrity”) once it has been wrapped around or “digesting” Z (i.e. “Berlioz’s last”), like so: SC-HER(Z)O.

17. Doctor regularly quelled barmen that can be counted (9)

Answer: NUMERABLE (i.e. “can be counted”). Solution is an anagram (indicated by “doctor”) of ULE (i.e. “regularly quelled”, i.e. every other letter of QUELLED) and BARMEN.

18. Warning describing fate of inquisitive Somali? (9,6,3,3)

Answer: CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT (i.e. “warning”). Clue plays on how Somali can describe a breed of cat, not just a Somali national. You get the idea.

23. Booked, being unforthcoming (8)

Answer: RESERVED. Solution satisfies “booked” and “unforthcoming”.

25. He abandons the city man’s Asian headdress (6)

Answer: TURBAN (i.e. “man’s Asian headdress”). Solution is T (i.e. “he abandons the”, i.e. the word THE without the HE) followed by URBAN (i.e. “the city”).

27. Middle East scholar taken at first with trailing plant (7)

Answer: ARABIST (i.e. “Middle East scholar”). Solution is T (i.e. “taken at first”, i.e. the first letter of “taken”) placed after or “with” ARABIS (i.e. “trailing plant”).

30. Fruit pie originally making us podgy (5)

Answer: PLUMP (i.e. “podgy”). Solution is PLUM (i.e. “fruit”) followed by P (i.e. “pie originally”, i.e. the first letter of “pie”).

32. One leaves Moroccan port carrying a N American singer (7)

Answer: TANAGER (i.e. “N American singer” – a bird). Solution is TANGIER (i.e. “Moroccan port”) with the I removed (indicated by “[Roman numeral] one leaves…”) and the remainder wrapped around or “carrying” A, like so: TAN(A)GER. One I remembered from a previous puzzle, if I’m honest.

33. Report of husky animal producing material for violin bows (9)

Answer: HORSEHAIR (i.e. “material for violin bows”). Solution is formed of homophones (indicated by “report of”) of HOARSE (i.e. “husky”) and HARE (i.e. “animal”).

35. New paperback briefly covering large variety of fruit (4,5)

Answer: CRAB APPLE (i.e. “variety of fruit”). Solution is an anagram (indicated by “new”) of PAPERBACK once the last letter has been removed (indicated by “briefly”), wrapped around or “covering” L (a recognised abbreviation of “large”), like so: CRABAPP(L)E.

36. Greek hero’s article initially edited in S America (7)

Answer: THESEUS (i.e. “Greek hero”). Solution is THE (i.e. “article”, as in a word like a, an or the) followed by E (i.e. “initially edited”, i.e. the first letter of “edited”) once it has been placed “in” S and US (i.e. “America”), like so: THE-S-(E)-US.

37. Spot where builders work, so to speak (5)

Answer: SIGHT (i.e. “spot”). “So to speak” indicates homophone. Solution is an homophone of SITE (i.e. “where builders work”).

38. Pull fish back on the sheltered side (7)

Answer: LEEWARD (i.e. “on the sheltered side”). Solution is DRAW (i.e. “pull”) and EEL (i.e. “fish”) all reversed (indicated by “back”), like so: LEE-WARD.

40. Way to go on horseback, or walk with long steps? (6)

Answer: STRIDE (i.e. “walk with long steps”). Solution is ST (i.e. “way”, specifically a recognised abbreviation of “street”) followed by RIDE (i.e. “to go on horseback”).

41. Musician married in centre of Boston – about fifty (8)

Answer: MINSTREL (i.e. “musician”). Solution is M (a recognised abbreviation of “married”) followed by IN, then ST (i.e. “centre of Boston”, i.e. the middle letters of BOSTON), then RE (i.e. “about” – think email replies) and L (i.e. “[Roman numeral] fifty”).

44. Regimental NCO’s favour given to leading cloth-worker? (13-8)

Answer: QUARTERMASTER-SERGEANT (i.e. “regimental NCO” or Non-Commissioning Officer). Solution is QUARTER (i.e. “favour”) followed by MASTER (i.e. “leading”), then SERGE (i.e. “cloth”) and ANT (i.e. “worker”).
[EDIT: Thanks to Greg for the correction. I’d incorrectly had NCO as Non-Commanding Officer. Cheers, Greg! – LP)

48. Naughtily bend a rule? That can be tolerated (9)

Answer: ENDURABLE (i.e. “that can be tolerated”). “Naughtily” indicates anagram. Solution is an anagram of BEND A RULE.

50. Bill a continental noble rings about (7)

Answer: ACCOUNT (i.e. “bill”). Solution is A then COUNT (i.e. “continental noble”) once it has been wrapped around or “ringed” C (i.e. “about”, i.e. a recognised abbreviation of “circa”), like so: A-C(C)OUNT.

53. Operatic princess with house in US state (5)

Answer: IDAHO (i.e. “US state”). Solution is IDA (i.e. “operatic princess” from Gilbert & Sullivan’s Princess Ida) followed by HO (a recognised abbreviation of “house”).

54. Clear water flowing round managed health resort (11)

Answer: TRANSPARENT (i.e. “clear”). Solution is [River] TRENT (i.e. “water”) wrapped or “flowing around” RAN (i.e. “managed”) and SPA (i.e. “health resort”), like so: T(RAN-SPA)RENT.

55. Medallist initially whips ring with pronounced force (11)

Answer: PRIZEWINNER (i.e. “medallist”). Solution is W (i.e. “initially whips”, i.e. the first letter of “whips”) and INNER (i.e. “ring” around a bullseye) placed after or “with” a homophone (indicated by “pronounced”) of PRISE (i.e. to “force [open]”), like so: PRIZE-(W-INNER).

56. Tried again to pick up daughter after scripture lesson (7)

Answer: REHEARD (i.e. “tried again” in court). Solution is HEAR (i.e. “pick up”) and D (a recognised abbreviation of “daughter”) both placed “after” RE (i.e. “scripture lesson”, specifically Religious Education), like so: RE-(HEAR-D).

57. Turtle abandoning quiet tract of land (7)

Answer: TERRAIN (i.e. “tract of land”). Solution is TERRAPIN (i.e. “turtle”) once the P has been removed (indicated by “abandoning quiet” – P being a recognised abbreviation of “piano”, or quiet in musical lingo).

58. Doctor in broadcast regularly riled Lanarkshire town (7)

Answer: AIRDRIE (i.e. “Lanarkshire town”). Solution is DR (a recognised abbreviation of “doctor”) placed “in” AIR (i.e. “broadcast”) and IE (i.e. “regularly riled”, i.e. every other letter of RILED), like so: AIR-(DR)-IE.

Down clues

1. Rupees invested in wager relating to French national (6)

Answer: BRETON (i.e. “French national”). Solution is R (i.e. “Rupees”) placed or “invested” in BET (i.e. “wager”) and followed by ON (i.e. “relating to”), like so: B(R)ET-ON.

2. Giant bird with bill seen around part of UK (7)

Answer: TITANIC (i.e. “gigantic”). Solution is TIT (i.e. “bird”) followed by AC (i.e. “bill”, specifically a recognised abbreviation of “account”) once wrapped “around” NI (i.e. “part of UK”, i.e. Northern Ireland), like so: TIT-A(NI)C.

3. One defaming Cuban perhaps, ignoring tip with hesitation (9)

Answer: SLANDERER (i.e. “one defaming”). Solution is ISLANDER (i.e. “Cuban perhaps” – other islands are available) with the first letter removed (indicated by “ignoring tip”) and the remainder followed by ER (i.e. “hesitation”), like so: SLANDER-ER.

4. English vehicle primarily serving Welshman (5)

Answer: EVANS (i.e. “Welshman”). Solution is E (a recognised abbreviation of “English”) followed by VAN (i.e. “vehicle”) and S (i.e. “primarily serving”, i.e. the first letter of “serving”).

5. Arthropod from Irish islands I’d seen outside church (8)

Answer: ARACHNID (i.e. “arthropod”). Solution is ARAN (i.e. “Irish islands”) and I’D placed “outside” of CH (a recognised abbreviation of “church”), like so: ARA(CH)N-I’D.

6. It measures oxygen escaping from shooting star? (5)

Answer: METER (i.e. “it measures”). Solution is METEOR (i.e. “shooting star”) with the O removed (indicated by “oxygen escaping” – O being the chemical symbol of oxygen).

7. Toff, one breathing in ozone in African capital (7)

Answer: NAIROBI (i.e. “African capital”). Solution is NOB (i.e. “toff”) and I (i.e. “[Roman numeral] one”) wrapped around or “breathing in” AIR (i.e. “ozone”), like so: N(AIR)OB-I.

8. Man guarding only boss in honorary military rank (7-2-5)

Answer: COLONEL-IN-CHIEF (i.e. “honorary military rank”). Solution is COLIN (i.e. “man” – basically a man’s name) wrapped around or “guarding” LONE (i.e. “only”) and followed by CHIEF (i.e. “boss”), like so: CO(LONE)LIN-CHIEF.

9. Communicators collectively aimed to disperse after service (4,5)

Answer: MASS MEDIA (i.e. “communicators collectively”). Solution is an anagram (indicated by “to disperse”) of AIMED placed “after” MASS (i.e. “[religious] service”).

10. Ancient city adopted by the German engraver (5)

Answer: Albrecht DURER (i.e. “engraver”). Solution is UR (i.e. “Ancient city” often used by setters in their solutions) placed in or “adopted by” DER (i.e. “the German”, i.e. the German for “the”), like so: D(UR)ER.

11. Play what irate motorists do perhaps when tailgated? (4,4,2,5)

Answer: LOOK BACK IN ANGER. Solution satisfies a “play” by John Osborne, and “what irate motorists do perhaps when tailgated”.

12. Particular deference (7)

Answer: RESPECT. Solution satisfies “particular” (as in “with respect to”) and “deference” (as in “have respect for”).

19. Excel with regard to start of this surgical procedure (7)

Answer: OVERTOP (i.e. “excel”). Solution is OVER (i.e. “with regard to”) followed by T (i.e. “start of this”, i.e. the first letter of “this”) and OP (i.e. “surgical procedure”).

20. Engineer urges on extremely tardy kid (9)

Answer: YOUNGSTER (i.e. “kid”). Solution is an anagram (indicated by “engineer”) of URGES ON and TY (i.e. “extremely tardy”, i.e. the first and last letters of “tardy”).

21. Archbishop initially overwhelmed by male archdeacon’s goodness (7)

Answer: HEAVENS (i.e. “goodness” – both taken as exclamations). Solution is A (i.e. “archbishop initially”, i.e. the first letter of “archbishop”) placed in or “overwhelmed by” HE (i.e. “male”) and VEN’S (i.e. “archdeacon’s” – VEN being a recognised abbreviation of “venerable”), like so: HE-(A)-VEN’S.

22. Republican in sun hat, mostly relaxed and very hot (8)

Answer: TROPICAL (i.e. “very hot”). Solution is R (a recognised abbreviation of “Republican”) placed “in” TOPI (i.e. “sun hat”) and followed by CALM (i.e. “relaxed”) once its last letter has been removed (indicated by “mostly”), like so: T(R)OPI-CAL.

24. Outside America, herb served at first with mother’s hot food (8,3,4)

Answer: SAUSAGES AND MASH (i.e. “food”). Solution is US (i.e. “America”) with SAGE (i.e. “herb”) placed “outside” of it, then S (i.e. “served at first”, i.e. the first letter of “served”), then AND (i.e. “with”), then MA’S (i.e. “mother’s”) and H (a recognised abbreviation of “hot”), like so: SA(US)GE-S-AND-MA’S-H.

26. Man involved in drinking spree, a pub employee (9)

Answer: BARTENDER (i.e. “pub employee”). Solution is ART (i.e. “man”, specifically a shortened form of Arthur) placed or “involved in” BENDER (i.e. “drinking spree”), like so: B(ART)ENDER.

28. Device controlling flow of fuel – or choke? (8)

Answer: THROTTLE. Solution satisfies “device controlling flow of fuel” and “choke”.

29. European articles on country gents ultimately apt for playing down (14)

Answer: UNDERSTATEMENT (i.e. “playing down”). Solution is UN and DER (i.e. “European articles”, i.e. the French for “a” and the German for “the”) followed by STATE (i.e. “country”), then MEN (i.e. “gents”) and T (i.e. “ultimately apt”, i.e. the last letter of “apt”).

31. Country bumpkin’s pulse a surgeon felt in the end (7)

Answer: PEASANT (i.e. “country bumpkin”). Solution is PEAS (i.e. “pulse”) followed by A, then N and T (i.e. “surgeon felt in the end”, i.e. the last letters of “surgeon” and “felt”).

34. Harsh call arresting Cleopatra’s killer (7)

Answer: RASPING (i.e. “harsh”). Solution is RING (i.e. “call”) wrapped around or “arresting” ASP (i.e. “Cleopatra’s killer”), like so: R(ASP)ING.

39. Necessity for game identified by river managers (9)

Answer: DARTBOARD (i.e. “necessity for game [of darts]”). Solution is DART (i.e. “river” in Devon) followed by BOARD (i.e. “managers”).

42. Alarm if one is kept ultimately for a soil loosener (9)

Answer: SCARIFIER (i.e. “soil loosener”). Solution is SCARE (i.e. “alarm”) wrapped around or “keeping” IF and I (i.e. “[Roman numeral] one”), and then followed by R (i.e. “ultimately for”, i.e. the last letter of “for”), like so: SCAR(IF-I)E-R.

43. Native of Lima perhaps, salesman turning up with one in posh vehicle (8)

Answer: PERUVIAN (i.e. “native of Lima perhaps”). Solution is REP (i.e. “salesman”) reversed (indicated by “turning up” – this being a down clue) followed by I (i.e. “[Roman numeral] one”) once placed “in” U (i.e. “posh” – U being an abbreviation used to describe the upper class) and VAN (i.e. “vehicle”), like so: PER-U-V(I)AN.

44. One searching for game in macaque’s territory (7)

Answer: QUESTER (i.e. “one searching for game” – a quest is a variant spelling of queest, a kind of wood pigeon). “In” indicates the solution has been hidden in the clue, like so: MACA(QUE’S TER)RITORY.

45. Kitchen device misplaced at store (7)

Answer: TOASTER (i.e. “kitchen device”). “Misplaced” indicates anagram. Solution is an anagram of AT STORE.

46. Item of footwear found in coach? (7)

Answer: TRAINER. Solution satisfies “item of footwear” and “coach”.

47. Origin of condiment, reportedly (6)

Answer: SOURCE (i.e. “origin”). “Reportedly” indicates homophone. Solution is a homophone of SAUCE (i.e. “condiment”).

49. One adheres to WI religion – partly, for a start (5)

Answer: RASTA (i.e. “one adheres to WI religion”). “Partly” indicates the solution has been hidden in the clue, like so: FO(R A STA)RT.

51. Dried kernels represented by Constable, the artist? (5)

Answer: COPRA (i.e. “dried kernels” of coconuts). Solution is COP (i.e. “constable” – ignore the misleading capitalisation) followed by RA (i.e. “artist”, specifically a Royal Academician).

52. Governor dipping into Times – a character! (5)

Answer: THETA (i.e. “a character” of the Greek alphabet). Solution is HE (i.e. “governor” – a recognised abbreviation of His Excellency) placed “into” T and T (recognised abbreviations of “time”, i.e. “times” – ignore the misleading capitalisation) and followed by A, like so: T(HE)T-A.

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