Times Jumbo Cryptic Crossword 1439

Goodness these Jumbos roll around quickly, don’t they? It feels like only yesterday we had one. This was another good ‘un, a touch tougher than before, but again offering good progression and some well-worked clues. You can find my completed grid below along with explanations of my solutions where I have them. I hope you find them useful.

A quick spot of housekeeping before all that: solutions to previous Jumbo Cryptics can be found on my Just For Fun page; I’ve also got some book reviews and a story of mine should any of that tickle your fancy.

Okay, that’s quite enough of me for one week. To the answers. Keep buggering on, folks!


Across clues

1. Shock viewpoint presented by Judge (6)

Answer: JANGLE (i.e. “shock”). Solution is ANGLE (i.e. “viewpoint”) placed after or “by” J (a recognised abbreviation of “judge”), like so: J-ANGLE.

5. Pinch place, returning to see some bowling (7)

Answer: TOPSPIN (i.e. “some [cricket] bowling”). Solution is NIP (i.e. “pinch”) and SPOT (i.e. “place”) both reversed (indicated by “returning”), like so: TOPS-PIN.

9. Shocked I get offer, nothing less – this? (4,4)

Answer: FREE GIFT. Solution is an anagram (indicated by “shocked”) of I GET and OFFER once the O has been removed (indicated by “nothing less”). Solution satisfies “offer” within the context of the clue. A bit clumsy, but you get the gist of it.

13. Failing to match boasts, mount horse around stall awkwardly (3,5,3,2,8)

Answer: ALL MOUTH AND NO TROUSERS (i.e. “failing to match boasts”). “Awkwardly” indicates anagram. Solution is an anagram of MOUNT HORSE AROUND STALL.

14. Bird with territory ultimately capable of expansion? (8)

Answer: STRETCHY (i.e. “capable of expansion”). Solution is STRETCH (i.e. “bird” – both slang words for prison sentences) followed by Y (i.e. “territory ultimately”, i.e. the last letter of “territory”).

15. Boat journey, not quiet with engineers! (7)

Answer: TRIREME (i.e. “boat”). Solution is TRIP (i.e. “journey”) with the P removed (indicated by “not quiet” – P being a recognised abbreviation of “piano” which is quiet in musical lingo) followed by REME (i.e. “engineers”, specifically the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers of the British Army), like so: TRI-REME. This was a swine to get, and ultimately a win for my Bradford’s… eventually. For some reason the book maintains a list of boats separate from a list of ships. Go figure.

16. Recalled work to celebrate taking a stance? (6)

Answer: POSING (i.e. “taking a stance”). Solution is OP (i.e. “work”, specifically a recognised abbreviation of “opus” or, as I also like to think, “operation”) followed by SING (i.e. “to celebrate”), like so: PO-SING.

17. Easy to get to account, else head of bank is distressed (10)

Answer: ACCESSIBLE (i.e. “easy to get into”). Solution is ACC (a recognised abbreviation of “account”) followed by an anagram (indicated by “distressed”) of ELSE, B (i.e. “head of bank”, i.e. the first letter of “bank”) and IS, like so: ACC-ESSIBLE.

20. Start eating – to ingest excitedly will involve food (3,5,4)

Answer: GET STUCK INTO (i.e. “start eating”). Solution is an anagram (indicated by “excitedly”) of TO INGEST which is wrapped around or “involving” TUCK (i.e. “food”), like so: GETS(TUCK)INTO.

23. Very satisfied with return of trees (4)

Answer: SMUG (i.e. “very satisfied”). Solution is GUMS (i.e. variety of “tree”) reversed (indicated by “return of”).

24. Get on top of those not wanted by market (8)

Answer: OUTSMART (i.e. “get on top of”). Solution is OUTS (i.e. “those not wanted”) followed by MART (i.e. “market”).

26. French fiend holding in Parisian? That can be disproved (8)

Answer: DENIABLE (i.e. “that can be disproved”). Solution is DIABLE (i.e. “French fiend”, i.e. the French for “devil”) wrapped around EN (i.e. “in Parisian”, i.e. the French for “in”), like so: D(EN)IABLE.

29. Mere outline’s developed for dramatic show (3,2,7)

Answer: SON ET LUMIERE (i.e. “dramatic show” – think images projected on buildings, that kind of thing). “Developed” indicates anagram. Solution is an anagram of MERE OUTLINE’S. An easier get than it ought to have been, sadly, being a repeat from a few weeks ago.

30. Fully appreciating approach involved in bringing up? (10)

Answer: EMPATHETIC (i.e. “fully appreciating”). Solution is PATH (i.e. “approach”) placed or “involved in” EMETIC (i.e. “bringing up” – an emetic is a substance used to induce vomiting), like so: EM(PATH)ETIC.

32. Praise I applied to place in remark (10)

Answer: COMPLIMENT (i.e. “praise”). Solution is I placed after or “applied to” PL (a recognised abbreviation of “place”). These are then placed “in” COMMENT (i.e. “remark”), like so: COM(PL-I)MENT.

34. Come across appropriate attachment to jacket (6,6)

Answer: BREAST POCKET (i.e. “attachment to jacket”). Solution is BREAST (i.e. “come across” – this doesn’t really fit any of the definitions cited in my Chambers or Oxford dictionaries, so I might not have this right) followed by POCKET (i.e. to take or “appropriate”).

36. Marine creature I brought in on a regular basis, without love (3,5)

Answer: SEA SNAIL (i.e. “marine creature” and the bane of aquaria everywhere, I should imagine). Solution is SEASONAL (i.e. “on a regular basis”) with the O removed (indicated by “without love”, “love” being a zero score in tennis) and an I “brought in”, like so: SEAS(O)NAL => SEASNAL => SEASNA(I)L.

38. I’d headed back into Biblical land, coming from part of America (8)

Answer: CANADIAN (i.e. “from part of [North] America”). Solution is I’D reversed (indicated by “headed back”) and placed “into” CANAAN (i.e. “Biblical land”), like so: CANA(D’I)AN.

39. Dam displacing English river insect (4)

Answer: MOTH (i.e. “insect”). Solution is MOTHER (i.e. “dam” – a variant meaning of the word being a “mother, usually of cattle, horses etc” (Chambers)) once the E (a recognised abbreviation of “English”) and R (ditto “river”) have been removed or “displaced”.

41. Quiet energy suppressed by a cold fish is a weakness (8,4)

Answer: ACHILLES HEEL (i.e. “weakness”). Solution is SH (i.e. “quiet”) and E (a recognised abbreviation of “energy”) both placed in or “suppressed by” A CHILL EEL (i.e. “a cold fish”), like so: A-CHILL-E(SH-E)EL.

43. Frenchman, say, embracing person seen in flat (4-1-5)

Answer: PIED-A-TERRE (i.e. a “flat” kept for temporary, secondary or occasional lodging – the kind of place businessmen keep so they can kip overnight somewhere close to their office and not at all to boff lovers behind their spouse or partner’s back. Goodness me, no. Okay, maybe just a bit…) Solution is PIERRE (i.e. “Frenchman, say” – other Frenchmen are available) wrapped around or “embracing” DATE (i.e. “person seen”, say, on a date), like so: PIE(DATE)RRE. After yesterday’s Jumbo it seems we have another setter pining for France, what with SON ET LUMIERE, DIABLE and so on. Quoting a correspondent to the Feedback column of the main paper today: “In view of the recent spate of clues and answers relating to Germany, may we now expect many more Brexit-related connections?” Something tells me this weekend’s brace of puzzles aren’t exactly going to smooth things over!

44. Composer, irrational to abandon carnival city (6)

Answer: Frederick DELIUS (i.e. “composer” – no, me neither. Chalk another one to my Bradfords, here.) Solution is DELIRIOUS (i.e. “irrational”) with RIO removed (indicated by “to abandon carnival city” – referring to Rio De Janeiro).

46. Worker on strike for payment (7)

Answer: HANDOUT (i.e. “payment”). Solution is HAND (i.e. “worker”) followed by OUT (i.e. “on strike”).

48. Drink after broadcast involving hard confrontation (8)

Answer: SHOWDOWN (i.e. “confrontation”). Solution is DOWN (i.e. “[to] drink”) placed “after” SOW (i.e. “broadcast”) once it has been wrapped around or “involving” H (a recognised abbreviation of “hard”), like so: S(H)OW-DOWN.

50. Approximate location of return address? (2,3,4,2,2,8)

Answer: ON THE BACK OF AN ENVELOPE. Solution satisfies “approximate”, in the spirit of fag-packet-calculations, and “location of return address”. Nicely done.

51. Famous lover caught entering path leading to area of land (8)

Answer: LANCELOT (i.e. “famous lover” of Guinevere. I’m not sure whether a pied-a-terre was involved.) Solution is C (a recognised abbreviation of “caught” used in a number of ball games) placed in or “entering” LANE (i.e. “path”) and followed by LOT (i.e. “area of land”), like so: LAN(C)E-LOT.

52. Happen to be behind comic, mostly – reading about me? (3,4)

Answer: DAN DARE. Solution is ARE (i.e. “happen to be”) placed “behind” DANDY (i.e. “[UK] comic”) once its last letter has been removed (indicated by “mostly”), like so: DAND-ARE. Dan Dare was, of course, the poster boy of another UK comic, the Eagle, which I used to love reading as a bairn. Sadly, my impressive collection of Beanos, Dandys, Beezers, Eagles and Oinks didn’t survive a house move back in the day. I’m still receiving therapy about it to this day.

53. Stone slipping into line making a quiet sound (6)

Answer: RUSTLE (i.e. “quiet sound”). Solution is ST (a recognised abbreviation of “stone”) placed or “slipped into” RULE (i.e. “line”), like so: RU(ST)LE.

Down clues

2. Craftiness keeping old man estranged (5)

Answer: APART (i.e. “estranged”). Solution is ART (i.e. “craftiness”) wrapped around or “keeping” PA (i.e. “old man”, both terms for one’s father), like so: A(PA)RT.

3. Bird of prey alleged gone, having flown (6,5)

Answer: GOLDEN EAGLE (i.e. “bird of prey”). “Having flown” indicates anagram. Solution is an anagram of ALLEGED GONE.

4. Action against evil spirit – head of church has six more dancing around (8)

Answer: EXORCISM (i.e. “action against evil spirit”). Solution is C (i.e. “head of church”, i.e. the first letter of “church”) placed in or having “around” an anagram (indicated by “dancing”) of SIX MORE, like so: EXOR(C)ISM.

5. Crumpled Times wrapping a last piece of crockery (5)

Answer: TATTY (i.e. “crumpled”). Solution is T T and T (i.e. “times” – ignore the misleading capitalisation, each is a recognised abbreviation of “time”) “wrapping” around A and then followed by Y (i.e. “last piece of crockery”, i.e. the last letter of “crockery”), like so: T(A)TT-Y.

6. Gas power leading to shock? (7)

Answer: PRATTLE (i.e. “gas”, both taken to mean talking excessively). Solution is P (a recognised abbreviation of “power”) followed by RATTLE (i.e. “to shock”).

7. Student following course getting an E is source of flaming disaster (7,4)

Answer: PUDDING LANE, believed to be the starting point of the Great Fire of London of 1666 (i.e. “source of flaming disaster”). Solution is L (i.e. “student”, specifically a recognised abbreviation of “learner”) followed by AN and E. These are then all placed after PUDDING (i.e. “[dinner] course”), like so: PUDDING-L-AN-E. Nicely worked.

8. Marriage, some say, almost immediately raised energy (5)

Answer: NOOSE (i.e. “marriage, some say”). Solution is SOON (i.e. “almost immediately”) reversed (indicated by “raised” – this being a down clue) and followed by E (a recognised abbreviation of “energy”), like so: NOOS-E.

9. Excited and honoured to welcome King and soldiers (9)

Answer: FERMENTED (i.e. “excited”). Solution is FETED (i.e. “honoured”) wrapped around or “welcoming” R (a recognised abbreviation of “Rex”, which is “king” in Latin) and MEN (i.e. “soldiers”), like so: FE(R-MEN)TED.

10. Picked up confusion about Queen’s outfit (5)

Answer: EQUIP (i.e. “[to] outfit”). Solution is PIE (i.e. “confusion” – an alternative sense of the word I wasn’t aware of) reversed (indicated by “picked up” – this being a down clue) and then wrapped “about” QU (a recognised abbreviation of “queen”), like so: E(QU)IP.

11. Reckoning visitor with another singular friend will embrace one (11)

Answer: GUESSTIMATE (i.e. “reckoning”). Solution is GUEST (i.e. “visitor”) wrapped around or “with” S (a recognised abbreviation of “singular”), and MATE (i.e. “friend”) both “embracing” I (i.e. “[Roman numeral] one”), like so: GUES(S)T-(I)-MATE. One for the chillaxers out there.

12. Fixed trawler accessory in area of ocean (7)

Answer: FASTNET (i.e. “[Shipping Forecast] area of [Atlantic] ocean”). Solution is FAST (i.e. “fixed”) followed by NET (i.e. “trawler accessory”).

18. Military leader to turn up, bringing in modern troops (9)

Answer: COMMODORE (i.e. “military leader”). Solution is COME (i.e. “to turn up”) wrapped around or “bringing in” MOD (a recognised abbreviation of “modern”) and OR (i.e. “troops”, specifically the Other Ranks of the British Army), like so: COM(MOD-OR)E.

19. Stranger’s last to go after British city dweller (7)

Answer: BRUMMIE (i.e. “city dweller” of Birmingham). Solution is RUMMIER (i.e. “stranger”) with the last letter removed (indicated by “last to go”) and the remainder placed “after” B (a recognised abbreviation of “British”), like so: B-RUMMIE.

21. Expression of ownership, like a lord claiming river (5,4)

Answer: TITLE DEED (i.e. “expression of ownership”). Solution is TITLED (i.e. “like a lord”) wrapped around or “claiming”) DEE (a “river” in Scotland), like so: TITLE(DEE)D.

22. Elevated single drum in church is a memorial (8)

Answer: CENOTAPH (i.e. “memorial”). Solution is ONE (i.e. “single”) reversed (indicated by “elevated” – this being a down clue) and TAP (i.e. “drum”) both placed “in” CH (a recognised abbreviation of “church”), like so: C(ENO-TAP)H.

25. Speculation story about Conservative will be something worth seeing (9)

Answer: SPECTACLE (i.e. “something worth seeing”). Solution is SPEC (a recognised abbreviation of “speculation”) followed by TALE (i.e. “story”) once it has been placed “about” C (a recognised abbreviation of “Conservative”), like so: SPEC-TA(C)LE.

27. City allowed to import summer desserts with support of Queen (9)

Answer: LEICESTER (i.e. “city”). Solution is LET (i.e. “allowed”) wrapped around or “importing” ICES (i.e. “summer desserts”) and then followed by ER (i.e. “Queen”, specifically Elizabeth Regina), like so: LE(ICES)T-ER.

28. Drained a couple of Lakes, considering everything (3,2,3)

Answer: ALL IN ALL (i.e. “considering everything”). Solution is ALL IN (i.e. “drained” or exhausted) followed by A and LL (i.e. “a couple of Lakes” – L being a recognised abbreviation of “lake”).

31. Cost of delivering naval officer on coach (7)

Answer: POSTAGE (i.e. “cost of delivering”). Solution is PO (i.e. “naval officer”, specifically a Petty Officer) followed by STAGE (i.e. “coach”).

33. I almost failed to climb street in photo, favouring the downward direction? (11)

Answer: PESSIMISTIC (i.e. “favouring the downward direction”). Solution is I and MISSED (i.e. “failed”) once its last letter has been removed (indicated by “almost”) all reversed (indicated by “to climb” – this being a down clue) and followed by ST (a recognised abbreviation of “street”). These are then all placed “in” PIC (i.e. “photo”), like so: P(ESSIM-I-ST)IC.

34. Rabbit found elf dancing, a jolly figure (6,2,3)

Answer: BUNDLE OF FUN (i.e. “a jolly figure”). Solution is BUN (“a playful name for a rabbit or squirrel” (Chambers)) followed by an anagram (indicated by “dancing”) of FOUND ELF, like so: BUN-DLEOFFUN.

35. Concise committee very good about conclusion (11)

Answer: COMPENDIOUS (i.e. “concise”). Solution is COM (a recognised abbreviation of “committee”) followed by PIOUS (i.e. “very good”) once it has been wrapped “about” END (i.e. “conclusion”), like so: COM-P(END)IOUS.

37. Try to enter small room with opening barred and give up (4,5)

Answer: LOSE HEART (i.e. “give up”). Solution is HEAR (i.e. “try” in court) placed in or “entering” CLOSET (i.e. “small room”) once its first letter has been removed (indicated by “with opening barred”), like so: LOSE(HEAR)T.

40. Hacker, perhaps, regrets getting upset about a program (8)

Answer: SABOTEUR (i.e. “hacker, perhaps”). Solution is RUES (i.e. “regrets”) reversed (indicated by “getting upset” – this being a down clue) and then wrapped “about” A BOT (i.e. “a [computer] program” – if you’ve ever tried to buy tickets for some event and wondered why it has sold out in a matter of seconds, these little shits are often to blame), like so: S(A-BOT)EUR. Another nicely worked clue.

42. Historic Italian city mostly best around Monday (7)

Answer: CREMONA (i.e. “historic Italian city”). Solution is CREAM (i.e. “best”) with its last letter removed (indicated by “mostly”) and the remainder wrapped “around” MON (a recognised abbreviation of “Monday”), like so: CRE(MON)A. One gotten pretty much from the wordplay alone. Sorry Italians, I’m not as familiar with your 79th most populous city as the setter seems to think.

43. Potential energy I observed in fish and plant (7)

Answer: PETUNIA (i.e. “plant”). Solution is PE (a recognised abbreviation of “potential energy”) followed by I once is has been placed or “observed” in TUNA (i.e. “fish”), like so: PE-TUN(I)A.

45. Hum a few lines, omitting start of oratorio (5)

Answer: SMELL (i.e. “hum”). Solution is SOME (i.e. “a few”) and LL (i.e. “lines”, L being a recognised abbreviation of “line”), once the O has been removed (indicated by “omitting start of oratorio”, i.e. the first letter of “oratorio”), like so: SME-LL.

47. Twisted, dropping head, being without cover (5)

Answer: NAKED (i.e. “without cover”). Solution is SNAKED (i.e. “twisted”) with its initial letter removed (indicated by “dropping head”).

48. Reason bridge team is participating in match (5)

Answer: SENSE (i.e. “reason”). Solution is NS (i.e. “bridge team”, being North and South in a game of bridge) placed or “participating in” SEE (i.e. “match” – as “I see your bet and raise you x”), like so: SE(NS)E.

49. Roll with slope (5)

Answer: WHEEL (i.e. “roll”). Solution is W (a recognised abbreviation of “with”) followed by HEEL (i.e. “slope”).

10 thoughts on “Times Jumbo Cryptic Crossword 1439

  1. I agree re 34A. My Collins has “breast” as to come alongside as in to “breast” a ship. I guess like “ride three abreast”. Thanks for the answers today. Lots of guessing for me at the bottom that you then explained….

  2. 52A – Dan Dare- where does the “reading about me” come into this clue? I initially thought it was Dan Dare for the reasons you give but then wasn’t sure because the end of the clue seemed superfluous.

    1. Christina, the clue had a question mark at the end. This device is often used to indicate that one or more elements of the clue are used twice, or that the clue involves some kind of play on words. I think the “me”, in this case, is the definition. That’s how I understood it. Hope this helps.

      1. Thanks for your reply. Still seems a bit disconnected! Minus clue points from me!

    2. My take is this: the first half of the clue is just the wordplay, so it needs a definition as well. ‘Reading about me’ suggests the answer is a character from another comic, with the question mark indicating that the clue isn’t strictly kosher.

  3. Jumbo 1439. 34 across . I seem to recall in nautical terms to breast a wave is ride over it or”come across it.

  4. Thanks for confirming the answers once again! Still not happy about “pie”. My Collins dictionary has 6 meanings, none of which match!

  5. Where it says 12 minutes – is that how long it took you to do the crossword? In awe – it took me 3 days!

    1. Don’t worry, that’s WordPress’s estimated time taken to read the blog post. If I recall correctly, this one took me around 4-5 hours to solve, with the odd break. Welcome along! – LP

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